How post-modern dance is made

September 6, 2011

"We need to decide on a publicity image.  And on a title.  In the next hour."

"You need to stop stressing out about this.  This is supposed to be fun.  We don't need to do anything.  What did you say you wanted to call it?"

"It was a stupid name.  We shouldn't use it.  Prize Pumpkin."

"Let's do it.  Let's make a dance about a f*cking pumpkin.  It's being performed in October, after all."

"Do you mean in a metaphorical sense?  The pumpkin?  Let's make a dance about the idea of a pumpkin?  Like, what it represents?"

"Metaphor is dead.  I mean a pumpkin.  Let's make a dance about a f*cking pumpkin.  How do you grow a pumpkin?"

"We should research it."


"Well, I think that's good for this meeting."

Prize Pumpkin is being performed at Patrick's Cabaret in October.  We aim to make this piece while being totally diplomatic with -and nice to- one another so that we can, you know, stay married and keep liking each other and shit.


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