Weekend Acrobatics

December 13, 2011

I like performances that allow me to step into a fantasy world for a little while-- maybe a few minutes, or maybe for an evening.

Maybe this fantasy world involves pizza, a ukelele, unitards, a cardboard cloud formation, Joni Mitchell, and superhero poses. MAYBE.

Photo by Scott Pakudaitis

This past weekend I had a great time having a small role in my friend Eli's dance piece for the Zenon Dance Zone winter performance.  The Dance Zone is Zenon Dance School's performance group, which I participated for several years after college.  More recently, I was a visiting choreographer for the program.  Through the program you can take classes, dance in the work of local choreographers, make your own work-in-progress pieces, and then showcase it all at the end of the term!  The performance consisted of work from brand new choreographers, and also from very established ones.  Like Laurie Van Wieren.

Her piece "I Am Not Comfortable With The Acrobatics", performed by  Stephanie Stoumbelis, Eli Ebbenga, and Missa Kes, stole my heart.  It had me tearing up one moment and then laughing rather obnoxiously the next.   And, yes, Missa played These Boots Were Made For Walkin' on her ukelele while in tree pose.  And I wanted so badly to leave my seat and join their unitard-wearing clan, especially so I could share in their monologue on ass-less chaps.

What makes a good performance?  Attention to detail?  Sincerity?  A sense of humor?  {I think I like not knowing.}


  1. NEEDS MORE HELICOPTERS!!!! Or less helicopters. I can't tell. Nice unitards.

  2. Oh yes- I would like to see more helicopters in dance pieces, as well. Maybe you should make it happen?

  3. I believe we have already pushed "helicopters in dance" past the realm of absurdity. There is nothing left for me to do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiXx_PEhN_8&



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