Tuesday, with Fred.

February 23, 2012

Mondobeyondo is over.

(cue deep sigh.)

It was so nice to have support in making things happen.  Those San Francisco folks know how to keep the faith!

Now I'm working at making the dreamy things happen myself.

And, that's how I found myself spending Tuesday night in the Minneapolis suburb of Roseville at National Camera with a guy named Fred.

When you buy a camera from National Camera (a local store!), they give you coupons for free photography classes.  I showed up at digital SLR 1 without having done the required manual reading (rebel).

Everything was still alright with the world.  I got a handy class outline, and was exposed to Fred's incredible enthusiasm for shooting wildlife and his kids' sporting events.

Today, when I returned to my camera and outline, I didn't know where to start, and got frozen thinking about ISO and aperture and shutter speed.  So, I started with what I know: I have two attractive cats, and one of them loves having his photo taken.

Maybe you like attractive cats?

Posed for the camera.
Serious Little.
He's a model idiot.
At rest.

Yes, I'm SMILING!  I've come so far from this.


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