ARTCRANK: bike nerds meeting printmaking nerds

April 18, 2012

pint glasses sold to benefit Springboard for the Arts

The ARTCRANK opening party was a whirl of people in awesomely hip clothing, beer, handshaking, street food, and fun.  As an introvert often posing as an extravert, I was proud that I faced the masses comfortably.  As a person helping make the event happen, I was thrilled that the masses showed up!  We sold out of 1,000 beer glasses within two hours.  Now THAT is exciting.

I have mad respect for people who make things happen the way that the ARTCRANK producers do.   I love art that is shareable-- art that you can take home and frame and celebrate without breaking the bank.

Laura Brown's Wheels Are Wings

Art that brings people together.  And those people?  They were in full geek mode.  I love it.

campfire on the back of a bike.

[You can read more about the MSP ARTCRANK opening here.]


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