August 2, 2012

I just found this photo of my shot/movement phrase list from Dances Made To Order. Looking at it reminds me of how tricky it is to notate dance. Although a lot of what I wrote down were plot points, probably no one but me knows what 'arm flicks as sides down door' means. When we're working on a dance film, Ben needs a specific shot list, which is different than simply a list of dance phrases. Perspectives, angles, and body parts all need to be considered.

Local press has been great about covering the dance series. You can read about our film in the Star Tribune here. And, critic Lightsey Darst was nice enough to not only sit in our sweaty apartment and watch us edit, but also to write smart things about the series and each artist's process for MN Artists. You can find that here.

And, of course, the film is still available for your online viewing pleasure over here.



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