I've been thinking about the kitchen cabinets

November 13, 2012

On election day, I had trouble focusing on anything other than listening to the news and the nervous feeling in my stomach. Rather than pretending to work while thinking about how my Ohio relatives might be voting, Ben and I decided to take on a house project. As in, we removed the doors to the kitchen cabinets.

The plus side--You can see what you have in your cabinets! It gives the kitchen color and space. It's less permanent than painting.

The down side-- You can see what you have in your cabinets! So, if you're like my old roommate Joe, and use your kitchen cabinets for general household junk storage, this might not be the change for you.

You guys, I got oddly excited about this. The kitchen cabinets. And then I bought a rake, and I got excited about that! It turns out that raking in the moonlight is very therapeutic. In short: my experience with adulthood keeps surprising me.


  1. How cheerful is your place? Beautiful. Love the blond wood, too.

  2. Hey thanks! The cheer fights the MN winter! I'm counting down to the end of the boxes-- just a stack or two to go!

  3. Nice blog, your kitchen cabinets was so nice to see because they are perfectly fit on the wall. I want to have that kind of Kitchen Cabinets Design on my kitchen so that it will be look elegant.




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