In With The New

December 26, 2012

I love a new year. I don't love it in a hyped-up, all-of-my-eggs-in-the-basket-of-what's-ahead kind of way, as much as in the hooray-for-reflection-and-perspective kind of way. I'm grateful for the time to dig in and think bigger.

For me, New Years is not about resolutions as much as clarification. I love a good ritual-- the chance to cleanse and start fresh and admire what was good, and mourn what was hard.

Do you have a favorite New Years ritual?

Andrea Scher, of Superhero Life, offers up one via video this year. She suggests that you come up with a word that will be the theme for the year ahead. Mine? Release.

Or, maybe you want to take the opportunity to whip up a batch of these Bourbon cocktails with grapefruit and mint (find the recipe over at Heart of Light), and write a Mondobeyondo list. I took an eCourse last January that culminated with such a list. It was a list of seemingly impossible and dreamy big things that I wanted to do in my lifetime. The result of putting it on paper? Hugely liberating.

Or, maybe you'd like to follow my friends Betsy and Molly in their New Years tradition of 3 words: 3 words that best sum up 2012, and 3 words for the new year ahead. Sometimes it feels good to burn the old words and close the door on the old year with ceremony. This tradition is one of my favorites.

Regardless of how you choose to transition, I wish you endless possibility in 2013. To the new!


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