New blog home + Giveaway!

December 3, 2012

As I wrote in my old Mildly Minnesotan space, the time has come for a new blog home. I'm excited-- things are easier to find over here, and I even have a space for my performance work.

To celebrate + say thanks for reading, I'm giving away a Laura Brown Art calendar. Check it:

Laura Brown has a kickstarter campaign going on right now. She's fundraising to take a bunch of her prints on a midwest tour! I'm a fan of this particular kickstarter, because I can clearly see how it's going to boost Laura's career, and introduce her work to a new audience. Kickstarter is a great way of crowd-sourced fundraising-- you can give a little or a lot, but Laura won't get the money unless she meets her funding goal. Even 10 dollars would greatly benefit what she's doing! Please consider supporting Laura's work with your dollars.

I'm also giving away a copy of Brad Liening's book of poems, Ghosts and Doppelgangers. Brad writes about pop culture and celebrity, and he read many of these poems at my house Friday night as part of Small Art. They are both heartfelt and hilarious, and I think everyone needs a little Brad this holiday season.

So, leave Laura Brown a message telling her how studly this calendar is {or Brad a message telling him how clever you're sure his book is}, and after Friday at 5:00 central time  [postponed until 10:00 am central on Monday!], I'll pick two commenters at random and mail you the goods. Thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting the arts!


  1. Hi Laura and Laura - I love your new blog and Laura B's calendar! You'll be happy to know that Laura B and I are working together on a glorious great lakes print. And you're the reason we've connected. You featured her on your blog a while back and the rest is history. Thanks for all you (both) do! Love from DC - Lindsay

  2. I love Laura Brown's artwork. I met her randomly at The Astor Cafe while she was working and I was sitting at the bar with a friend. We chatted about art and tasty cocktails and food and then I discovered her beautiful work. I have been meaning to buy one of these awesome calendars for a friend for Christmas but I would love to win one too! Because who doesn't like to win? Seriously. Both of you Lauras are pretty fantastic. -Emma

  3. I've enjoyed Laura Brown's mini-sharing of her process on social media since I found her on Twitter via the othe Laura. And doppelgänger is an excellent word, so I'm sure I'd enjoy either prize. Congrats in the new "space" Laura! The blog looks great!

  4. Using, Lindsay has been declared the calendar winner! BUT, I've decided that everyone is a winner-- Emma and Alison are both getting books of Brad poems! I'll be contacting you all for addresses. Thanks for playing!

  5. Hey Laura, so super cool that you are doing this. Glad to see you moved over to Blogger. I'm excited to hear how this program works out for you. Also the calendar is AMAZING. I was immediately transported to the eye doctor. And that might seem weird but I actually LOVE going to the eye doctor it is one of my favorite places. So when I saw the calendar my mind immediately went there.
    I think I just missed your 10a deadline by like 19 minutes. Oh well.

    1. THanks Damon!!! Isn't it the most gorgeous calendar ever? I love the eye doctor association. Next time you will be the giveaway winner! {You should ask Santa for the calendar:}



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