Ode to the obsessed

December 18, 2012

I love nerds. I love talking to people who are totally into one thing, and can't stop discussing and elaborating on it.

Which is why I loved these movies...

[Don't you want me to draw a movie poster for you? Ballet dancers have very long left legs. Fact.]

Both are documentaries. Man On Wire follows a man obsessed with walking a wire between the World Trade Center's twin towers. First Position follows kids in love with ballet as they prepare for a national competition. Both films have loads of heart. You might cry. Because, watching people pour all of themselves into one thing is pretty inspiring.


  1. I JUST watched First Position. LOVED IT!!

    1. Seriously made me bawl for some reason. Especially looking at young boys and ballet! And then I watched Billy Elliot. And then I cried some more... WAAAAHHHH.

  2. Replies
    1. Dude. I am. Also- what is with my blogger photo. Must figure out how to change it. I look SO SERIOUS.

    2. ALSO: maybe you have some favorite movies you would like me to capture in ink.



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