I love your instagrams.

January 23, 2013

I'm a fan of using the social media I love and leaving the rest behind. Mostly meaning: I'll never truly fall into the category of being a pinner. And, facebook necessitates breaks.

But I love your 140-character quips and news. And your instagrams; I really love instagram.

I dig that a single picture can tell a story so effectively. And, looking at the lens (no pun intended) different people use to see the world.

I love Quinton Skinner (@QSkinner)'s crane photos. And the pictures of the cameras that Emma Freeman (@EmmaFreeman) is playing with. And the restaurant tours and kitchen experiments that many share. And that my husband (@BenMcGinley) is searching for more people to follow who avoid pretty photos- he wants bland objects. Do you know any instagram users who take photos of plain objects without adorable frills?

I've written before about how I love that artists are using instagram to tell the story of their work-- micro-share style.

Then there are the little stories I like to look back and remember from my own photos: the emergency trip to the acupuncturist; perfecting squash soup; our janky little Christmas tree; the colors I get fixated on every time I see them; that rehearsal where things clicked.

Yep. I like instagram.

Do you instagram?

[Photos from my instagram feed- @laurabalaurah.]


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