Look how far you've come!

January 17, 2013

February 2010- newly smoke free
the much celebrated replacement table.

3 years ago today Ben quit smoking. Remembering this today gave us an excuse to think back to that long, grey month of January, 2010.  I remember how nice our community was. Friends wrote Ben notes telling him to hang in when the quitting process made him miserable. They also reminded me that I wouldn’t have a chronically crabby partner forever. 

I also remember other things about January, 2010. Like the fact that we had a 2-legged kitchen table that we balanced on a stack of bricks. It cost $8. Everything we served on the table slid a little, but we were very proud of it. At the time Ben had just started getting paid to do videography, but he paid most of his bills on coffee shop tips. I was teaching in most of the local suburbs and bartending, and my health was less than steller (probably from the stress of juggling a million things).

Fast forward three years and there has been growth! Life still has question marks (won’t it always?), but i feel like I have the scent of where we're headed. While we’ve been growing in these past few years, it’s been a joy to watch others do the same. People have made theatre companies, gone back to school, had babies, moved away, started businesses, found their calling, and then changed their minds and found a different one. 

I would call this growth ‘success’. But, rather than seeing people relish in it -- myself included-- there seems to be this push to see what’s next, this insistence that hopefully there is something even better and clearer and more meaningful ahead.

Mo Perry put it really well in the news roundup she wrote for Minnesota Playlist: How, in this business, do we manage to stay in the moment and feel secure long enough to celebrate success? I don't know, but I think it's worth thinking about and striving for.

I hope you find some time to celebrate your growth, in whatever form in comes. That thing you wrote, the show you put on by yourself, the baby you birthed, the certificate you graduated with. Heck, the meal you made, and the patience you showed your child at bedtime! If we don’t find little moments to celebrate our successes now, I fear we never will. Look how far you’ve come! 


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