Of Vulnerability and Websites

January 10, 2013

Our Mcginley Motion website is up and running, complete with a first blog post of introductions! Thanks to all who made it happen-- especially Liz Maddy, who patiently designed, and Kathleen Shannon and Tara Street at Braid Creative, who created our branding.

The best decisions in my life have been the ones that made me a little sick to my stomach with excitement that's generously underlined with some fear. Whether writing on the internet, meeting with a client for the first time, or putting a dance in front of an audience, the sense of vulnerability is overwhelming.

But, so is the sense of calling.

I've rarely felt so in my element as when I'm seated across the table from an artist or a business owner, listening to them talk about what they do: their fears, their hopes, their obstacles. It's invigorating. The world is certainly a richer place because creative people exercise vulnerability. I'm reminded of this every time I sit down to a performance, watch a movie, or eat a meal at a new restaurant. Someone had an idea, and decided it was worth sharing with the world. Risks are what make humanness great. So, I'm grateful for the opportunity to risk, and for the many loved ones that support these risks.


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