Scene and Heard: Beautiful Things I Found Around

January 4, 2013

It's always a treat to take in helpful, heartfelt, inspiring internet-dom. This week I saw and heard the following:

Ten Artists To Watch from the Walker Art blog.

Tips for setting up routines for your self-employed or freelance-heavy life, from the ladies at Braid Creative.

This banana bread with chocolate and ginger was the perfect accompaniment to my morning eggs.

Penelope Trunk's insights on how to be a creative success.

Minnesota Playlist started my year off just right with this article by Gemma Irish on finding strength in the vulnerability of creative process.

If you already watched this illustrated video featuring Maurice Sendak's interview with Terry Gross, you probably want to watch it again.

I have been walking. Every day around my neighborhood. So, I got psyched about Michael Moore's facebook status: I am now in Week 42 of my walks. Each day, 30 minutes, that's it. Thousands of you have joined me since that Sunday night on March 18 when, as a joke, I said I was going for a walk. I had read that morning in the paper that there were now more people in the U.S. on anti-depressants than those who go to the movies. I tweeted out that maybe that's the problem -- perhaps if people got out and went to the movies more they might feel better. This unleashed a lively conversation about mood-altering drugs, the lousy movies these days in theaters, the rip-off prices for 3D films, etc. Finally, someone wrote: "Sometimes I think what I need is just a brisk walk." I tweeted, "Hey, there's an idea! I'm putting my shoes on right now." I went out and came back home after 30 minutes -- and a few hundred of you had amazingly joined me where you live. 

Sometimes all I need is a brisk walk. Have a beautiful weekend.


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