Working With Your Spouse

January 24, 2013

Forks!- our first collaboration
Ben and I are over on the Braid Creative blog today, sharing our thoughts on making a business while staying married. You can hear all about the good parts and the challenges!

Our first collaboration was back in 2007 for a Fringe show when we were still co-workers at the Birchwood Cafe. I will say  that while the show ended up being one of my favorites I've ever made, the collaboration part was challenging. You get better at these things, right? It has certainly taken practice-- and that goes for most of my creative collaborations, not just the ones that have involved Ben. The advice I give in the post has been nearly as relevant for my collaborations with directors and other performers (except maybe not the 'make time for other people' part).

I'm always curious to hear: What has made your collaborations successful, and what has made them dismally fail? Do you collaborate with your romantic partner? 

Thanks to Kathleen and Tara at Braid for having us, and for making our branding look gorgeous. I'm such a fan of the work they do. You can read the interview over here.


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