Bob Ross + Modern Dance Viewing

February 12, 2013

I'm infamous among friends for my lack of pop culture awareness.

Yes: I do know about Lady Gaga, and I saw the latest Mission Impossible movie. But, most things that aired on television or in movies before 1996 are lost on me thanks to the 30 minutes of PBS my homeschooled self was technically limited to (I did manage to sneak watch some Saved By The Bell).

So, I was really grateful for the opportunity to drop the name of a pop culture icon in an article I wrote about modern dance for Minnesota Playlist. I knew that all of that PBS would come in handy. Have you seen this Bob Ross Remixed? That guy was a total delight.

[You can read the Playlist article over here. It's in response to Chris Schlichting's kickass dance Matching Drapes.]


  1. I love this video ahah! I think it can put anyone in a good mood :)



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