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February 13, 2013

I'm an advocate for putting more of YOU in whatever you're doing: a dance you're creating, a workshop you're writing, a photo session you're leading. This works in two really helpful ways--

1. It helps you pinpoint and talk about what sets your creative work apart from others in similar endeavors.

2. It helps you connect to your ideal client or audience base.

When your creative work doesn't feel personal, it blends into the masses. Instead, the key is to isolate your 'weirdnesses' (a la Seth Godin) and figure out how to infuse them into whatever you're doing.

My weirdnesses usually end up onstage. {Photo of I Like You by Megan Mayer}

{Megan Mayer in our dance film Tuesday for Dances Made To Order}

Enter Kathleen Shannon and Tara Street of Braid Creative and their Personal Branding eCourse. I saw that they were offering the eCourse again (I took it several months ago), and had to give it a little shout from the rooftops, because it's really good stuff.

I don't know what you think of when you hear 'personal branding', but I wasn't sure if it was the correct fit for me. Somewhere in there I had visions of advertising, fashion bloggers, and home decorating tips (those things are fine, but not especially ME).

Don't worry: this eCourse isn't about turning you into a fashion blogger. It's about helping you identify aspects of your personality and creative expertise, so that you can find ways of making them serve your art (or business). Lessons include videos and worksheets that you can download and continue to use as references (which I frequently do). And, most helpful: lots of real life examples of how these lessons can be applied.

I've written about my experience at Giant Steps (a conference for creative entrepreneurs). The number one concern I heard from participants was 'how do I connect all of my creative endeavors together and talk about them?'. I'm a perfect example of this: I'm a choreographer and arts educator, but I offer creative consulting services to other artists, curate a performance series, and LOVE hosting parties that bring creative folks together. How do I talk about that? Do I make four different websites?

What Braid's eCourse helped me do is isolate common threads from these different endeavors and aspects of my personality. This has translated into blog content that's more in-line with who I am, and side projects (like parties full of creative people meeting one another) that support my creative mission. All of this works together to help me get specific about where I want to go in my creative business, and inch closer towards getting there. Thanks, ladies.

You can find out more over here. Registration for the eCourse runs through the end of tomorrow, February 14th. The course runs from February 15-24 (meaning, you have this time to complete the lessons).

AND, you can use the code BRAIDLOVESMCGINLEY when you check out for a discounted rate of $50 (normally $75).

So, go off and be personally branded, and may your creative endeavors sparkle and shine. Amen.

[No, I'm not compensated in any way to write this. I just really liked this class.]


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