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February 5, 2013

cabin taxidermy 

treat yourself right with a sriracha heart.

Last week was our annual Cabin Creative Retreat (fires! icy lake walking! small-town bar experiences!), and when I reemerged from the woods it was February. Fun!

I really liked January. I spent a lot of time mumbling my three 2013 words of intention under my breath. Specifically, 'release'. When I would tense up I would mutter 'release, b*tch' under my breath, and it was amazingly effective. Seriously, though: I actually felt a little guilty for focusing on doing less. Which is ridiculous, because all of the things that needed to get done got done. AND I enjoyed myself because I wasn't trying to accomplish All The Things In The World. This left me time for meditative walks (release! release!) and re-watching West Wing episodes, and that's important stuff.

You see, I had this magical realization that I don't actually love being constantly busy; it's overrated. I don't like waking up on Monday morning and dreading the week ahead. Even carving out a little time for myself makes life so much better. And, making time for myself usually makes for increased productivity. Point being: don't forget to make space for YOU. You'll do better work. You'll be happier! And, you're the only one who can make it a priority!

And this brings me to this new month: FEBRUARY! It's a Valentiny month of loooove, and I happen to love love. And, what better thing to practice than self-love? Seriously. My friend Laura is calling it 'Treat Yourself Right' month. It could entail lots of things.

For me, it means:
--time to read the stack of books I'm excited about, when I could be doing work.
-- prioritizing time to brainstorm the new tiny dance I'm making.
-- avoiding throwing my face into a vat of wine to decompress from an intense serving shift, when I really just need to drink some tea and go to sleep.

and, my favorite....bodywork.

This can mean stretching. Or getting a massage. Or, laying flat on a hard floor with your legs about hip-width apart (put a mat or towel under you if it's too hard), and rocking from your heels (flex and point both feet at the same time, until you have a nice rock going up all the way to your head). This is great for releasing your low back, it gets you breathing, and it gets you out of your head and into your body (essential for anyone doing creative work). Also: when I remember to check in with my body, I'm less tempted to do rude things to it (see above vat of wine comment).

So, hello February! I'd love to hear your suggestions for Treat Yourself Right month. 


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