And it was great.

March 1, 2013

While January was all RELEASE! and take a nap and watch one more episode of The Wire! (while I still mysteriously managed to get things done?), February was different. Let's just say that the best laid plans (of ease and self-care) can be faulty. And that's ok.

When Kathleen at Braid Creative asked me about balancing life and work, I said that temporary life imbalance is ok. It's been my goal to NOT PANIC when things feel chaotic, but to enjoy the ride instead. Because, chaos is usually temporary. And, it's a sign that things are moving forward. We're all usually looking to find that thing that's going to move us one step forward in our creative journey. Sometimes potential steps show themselves all at once. And, it means that you stop doing your dishes or planning your meals, and that you run out of matching socks. Whatever.

I found some socks.

I worked on this vat of homemade mustard. It goes well with most things.

I went on at least one walk. 

What did you do in February that was great? 

I had dates with people I love. My small business group, artists, old and dear friends. Even when a week left me feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about stuff, I thought back on these conversations. It's simply the best to feel buoyed by the people around you. Find a tribe and keep them close-- it's so necessary. Somehow listening to the risks other people are taking, and the challenging circumstances they're facing makes my own pale in comparison. In a really good way.

I wrote my brains out. I've really fallen in love with writing. It's a creative outlet that I don't even have to rent studio space for!

I remembered (again) that most problems can be solved by a walk. I wish I'd walked more in February, but I let that whole Minnesotan whiny the sidewalks are too icy and it's coooold thing get in the way. I'm joining my sister in a March challenge to walk every day.

I finished reading Brené Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly. Both so incredible, and worthy of their own post.

I wrote an Application of Significance, brainstormed grants, planned a Small Art, and worked on a dance. Meaning, I wrestled with my creative demons. The more I act, the less I give a shit about these demons. Perspective changes: projects begin to feel more like opportunities, and they aren't the only important thing in my world.

I saw a lot of live performance this month! Last night we went to Open Eye Figure Theatre, and laughed so hard during To The Moon!. It feels really good to laugh like that, and to see humans in the winter time.

So, a fist pump to February. Despite the lack of matching socks, I think it was pretty great.
March on, man? I'm going to start the month without an agenda. And, you know, show up. It's a remarkably released approach for a virgo.

[Photos from my instagram feed.]


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