New and Improved

March 21, 2013

The layout of this blog is new and improved (I hope). I'm commemorating almost two years of posting! So, I've been working to make the various posts easier to find. Check out the 'about' section for details...  Meanwhile, I'm excited about the words of wisdom from dancer/web designer Tara King that are coming soon, and a post about my personal closet purge (my greatest excitement = getting rid of things).

Also: if you are an artist, you should probably read this article about persistance. And, if you are a human in the Northern Midwest, I remind you that it's getting warmer (!). I promise. If you're like me, you can count on a trip to the sauna at your gym as a means to defend you against the cold. If you can't rely on this, I'm sorry. You should probably cook some comfort food instead.

Thank you for reading!


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