Creative non sequiturs

April 9, 2013

It's raining in St. Paul! It's perfect weather for romancing productivity-- cuddled up in flannel, with a candle, and Martha Wainwright crooning somewhat angstily in French. My working style today is a bit fuzzy, as I'm on day 3 of a month-long whole foods cleanse of sorts. Day 3 is when you're past the Hooray! I'm doing something great for my body! and onto the 27 more days is a lot of days....

And fuzzy thinking means a lot of non sequiturs...

I came across this photo from our March Small Art (March Men!), which featured Levi Weinhagen, Blake Nellis, and Toussaint Morrison. Three very talented, handsome men performing in my living room! The night deserves a post of its own, but for now I will say that this photo captures what Small Art is for me in a nutshell: an intimate setting where performers from difference disciplines get to share the barebones of who they are and what they do. And, in the case of this photo, Blake Nellis is showing his love of playful movement experiments-- performed in a yellow jumpsuit. He took a roll of masking tape and, with the assistance of an audience member, used it to propel his five-minute improvisation. Never has tape been so thrilling to me!

After that performance I was committed to being Levi, Toussaint, and Blake's biggest fan! I felt like I knew each of them and their work that well. And that's what I'm thinking about these days: how do we put more of ourselves into our work? How do we connect our mission to our audiences? Because I don't doubt that you have a mission-- whether it involves taking photos or connecting people together or changing the relationship people have with their food!

Those are the extent of my scintillating thoughts on this rainy Tuesday. I hope your head is clearer than mine.

PS-- You can read my thoughts on the creative dilema of dealing with TOO MANY IDEAS (!) over on the McGinley Motion blog. I hope you are less horrified by my lack of Photoshop skills than Ben is...
[Photo by Steven Cohen.]


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