I'll Be Over Here With My Zucchini Noodles

April 29, 2013

Happy Monday! THERE ISN'T SNOW ON THE GROUND! It feels so novel-- it was just there! Over the weekend I was thrilled by a lot of things: going outside without a coat on, buying seedlings, grilling. There is hope in the air and the wait was worth it! With warm weather comes patio season. And my favorite: Hendrick's season. Except that it turns out that Hendrick's is not a part of the Whole30. So, bummer.

Still, it's day 23 of my Whole30, and I have mostly positive feelings about this thing:
I feel good--even with high stress levels. My acne-prone skin is clear, my blood sugar is stable, and the sleep I have been getting has been really good sleep. I have lots of energy, even with long days. These are all good things.

But I've realized that eating good food isn't everything: You can eat really well, but if you aren't getting enough sleep, and you're eating meals in your car while stuck in traffic, your body will still look tired and stressed.

I've also been reminded that eating is emotional. Last week was really long and (like I said) stressful. It all initially seemed more daunting without comfort food and drink. I didn't exactly get a thrill thinking about coming home to meatballs-- I wanted pizza and beer. But the food I cooked myself actually helped me deal with the stress much better-- probably because it led to steady energy and good sleep. It was also totally delicious and incredibly satisfying: I cooked zucchini noodles twice (made possible by a julienne peeler!);  I ate this amazing Paleo Pad Thai (I added carrots and broccoli, jalapeno, and extra lime juice); I made these almond butter pancakes, which I intend to eat even after these 30 days are over. I'm happy about all of this food.

I've remembered that eating & drinking are how I socialize, and my socialization has been a bit cramped with so many eating/drinking restrictions. Still, I've eaten out a few times, and even cooked for friends without complaints. I don't feel deprived, but sometimes I feel like others feel bad for me. Cut it out, dudes-- I'm fine: enjoy your beer & cheese.

Still, there are things I can't wait to eat: I'm particularly excited about eating pho, sushi, tacos with corn tortillas, pizza, hard parmesan, and maple syrup. I might go nuts and eat them all in one day. Just maybe.

[Food photos from top to bottom: Paleo balls; almond butter pancakes; paleo chicken pad thai (pre-sauce); zucchini noodles; avocado salad and meatballs.]


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