Lately: March

April 1, 2013

Walking around our neighborhood yesterday, I felt with certainty that this Spring thing might be real. Most of the sidewalk ice layers have melted, and the birds are waking me up. I am excited for tulips, getting my bike out, and for farmer's market produce. This Swiss Chard looked about as Spring-like as it gets.

So, happy April! March flew by, and it wasn't all road trips, closet purges, and getting on soapboxes about art and money:

  • McGinley Motion-wise, we have been scheduling new projects while Ben finishes editing the final episode of the snowmobile racing docudrama he works on every winter. We're excited to shoot a video in South Dakota ranch country. I can fantasize about living a very different life-- the kind where I wear cowboy boots, watch prairie sunsets, and drink whiskey from a flask. 
  • And, I continue to be surprised about all that this business endeavor is teaching me about accounting (hello, tax time!) and organization, clear communication, collaborating, and forward thinking. Bam!
  • I've been reading books that aren't about vulnerability or running a business. It took me way too long to discover Dear Sugar, after I read what can only be described as The Best Thing You Can Read If You're Undecided About Having A Child. Sugar (author Cheryl Strayed) knocked my socks off with her writing. Now I'm reading her memoir Wild: From Lost To Found On The Pacific Crest Trail. SO. GOOD.  
  • My little dance has dancers! I'm thrilled to involve collaborators, and move the piece forward (out of my head and onto a stage).
  • Ben and I got together with friends and tried our hand at Bibimbap (a Korean rice dish). It's delicious, but I was grateful that we didn't just make it for the two of us. The ingredient list is involved! We used bon app├ętit's recipe. Bibimbap confirms that everything you eat tastes better with an egg on it.
  • And, speaking of food, we've been planning our May foodie adventure to Seattle. We started by  making a list of restaurants we want to eat at-- my favorite way to travel. Obviously, Molly's restaurants are at the top of the list. We just discovered Air B&B, which is a listing of guest houses and rooms available in different cities. You can stay in a furnished apartment (with kitchen!), often at prices cheaper than motels. 
I have resolved to put at least one growing thing in soil this month. And, to spend more time cooking things (greatly needed to balance out projects, rehearsals, and desk time). What are you excited for in April?


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