Wherever You Are, There You Are

May 21, 2013

Within twelve hours of landing back in the Twin Cities, life returned to a normal pace: shoots, rehearsal, serving fancy food to fancy people. It was whiplash, and looking at the slow start to Spring around me didn't really sooth it.

Seattle was a different story. There were blooming plants everywhere I looked, and the world was an iridescent green. Pair all of that with water, dreamy morning fog, and mountains and I was fairly overwhelmed. Last week I wanted to stop Minnesotans in the street: Um, excuse me...Did you know that your quality of life could be so much better elsewhere? Those people to the west of us have mountains and green plants and an ocean with delicious fish! What are we doing here? Let's make an escape plan!

After days of rain here in the Twin Cities, my attitude is relaxing a bit. We're experiencing our own resurgence of neon green. I've worn shorts. The air smells of lilacs on my walks, which makes me breathe a little deeper. I'm forgiving Minnesota for the six months of winter.

As tempting as is to say Let's move to the northwest!, my home is here. I've lived in the Twin Cities since the fall of 2005. I thought that Minneapolis would be a pit stop on my journey elsewhere, but here I am almost eight years later. I was won over by the people, the artistic opportunities, and the close access to an airport where I can fly most places when I'm in need of some mountains or ocean. After years where we pondered relocating, it's nice to think that we might grow old right. here.

Do you have a vacation destination you like to escape to? How did you choose where you live now?

On a totally unrelated note: 
If you're an Andrew Bird fan, you should listen to his new album. It turns out it was exactly what I needed.


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