A June Pump-It-Up Speech

June 1, 2013

Hello June! The fifth month of the year is over, so I'm a bit HOLY SH*T THE TIME IS PASSING! I am not a patient person, so discovering that it takes time for my lofty goals to materialize is mostly annoying (release! journey! process!). May was a month where personal life trumped practical life, and a lot of what I tended to was self and family care as opposed to business or creative goals. These months happen. In fact, they're necessary: I'm a big believer that a functional personal life is a crucial foundation to a successful business or artistic career. That said, I'm anxious to feel a little more focused and knock some things off of my list.

Sometimes when I need an inspirational kick-in-the-pants I return to favorite book and internet reads. I put a time limit on it: if I spend all of my time reading other people's inspiring words and business advice, I won't get anything done. That said: here are some of my favorites that push me in the right direction.

Steven Pressfield: The War of Art | Do The Work! | Turning Pro     
Three short books, really just one main message (that can't be addressed enough): get out of your own way and approach your creative work professionally and impersonally. Do the work, every day.

Brené Brown: The Gifts of Imperfection | Daring Greatly
Brené Brown reminds me that I want my life to contain the important stuff: play, rest, creativity, vulnerability, compassion. There is so much good stuff in these books.

Seth Godin: We Are All Weird
I love this little book, and the reminder that there is strength in finding your niche: You are not for everyone, but you ARE for someone!

Internet Words
Kate O'Reilly: Now Is The Time | One of my favorite manifestos. If this doesn't light a fire under your ass, then have your blood pressure checked.
Kathleen Shannon: Freelance Matters | Working for yourself (in whatever capacity you do it) is hard; Kathleen's advice is comforting.
Meg Keene: Working For Yourself: Month One | I love this post that Meg wrote in her first month of being self-employed.
The Jealous Curator: 4 | Reflections on the places jealousy can take you.
Lisa Congdon: Turning 45 // interview on The Great Discontent | Lisa Congdon decided to take a stab at being an artist at 40. She's become incredibly successful, and her story is downright inspiring.

Here's to making things happen!


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