Let's Throw More Resource Parties

June 12, 2013

One of my favorite things in the world is introducing people I love and admire to one another, ideally over food. It started when I first moved to the Twin Cities in 2005, knowing few people other than a couple of college buddies. At this point I was still filled with my I-Just-Worked-And-Traveled-In-Europe-For-Seven-Months fearlessness, and decided that a good option for meeting new people would be to hold a potluck at my apartment, and advertise it on Craigslist.

You probably shouldn't do this.

This potluck didn't lead to any significant friendships, but I did go on to host a number of dinner parties through the years that involved lots of introducing people to one another. Sometimes I invited regulars from the restaurant where I worked, and every time the group of guests was really eclectic. Why invite over a group of people who know one another when you can invite a group of strangers and watch them fall in love and leave with a new friend? Right?

This is probably why I spent two years making art about the process of strangers getting to know one another. And why I love inviting strangers over for Small Art, and hosting brunches where I'm never really sure who will show up. Yes: I love being a connector.

Enter: The Resource Party
I read this great article on hosting a resource party, and I want to give it a try. It's perfectly inline with a core belief of mine: ask for what you want!

In a nutshell: you have 10-15 buddies over. You each write 3 items you'd like help accomplishing on an index card, and then gather in a circle (with food and wine, of course). Then you go around and each read off your first item, and then see who in the circle can help you accomplish it. After the first round, you take a break. Then repeat.

I love this idea because I think that stuck-ness is often in our head, and figuring out how to ask for help allows us to get out of our overactive brains and break down what we need into concrete actions. And, often there's someone close by that can easily help us out. Why not use these fantastic resources?

If you could ask someone to help you with three things right now, what would they be? Who would you ask? My goal is to give this a whirl before the end of the year.

[More on the Resource Party over here.]


  1. This is fantastic. I might need to host one of these at my studio.

  2. Yes! Brilliant!! This sort of thing should happen regularly. I'd be more than happy to help put it together, if you could use extra hands! And/or host in the future.

    Lately I have been wishing I knew people who could help me with Quickbooks (I am trying improve my self-employed finance practices) and gardening (I don't know what's a weed and what's not, to start). I'll have to think about a third thing - though maybe those are both substantial enough.

    Thank you for getting the ball rolling!!

  3. i love this idea so much! brilliant.

    it remind's me of sarah von bargen's "network of nice"--which is basically an online version of this:


    asking for what you need. who knew? ;)

    thanks laura!




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