5 Things

August 1, 2013

1. Happy Minnesota Fringe! It runs for 11 days with 176 shows. The first production I ever made with Ben was for the Fringe, back in 2007 when we were coworkers at the Birchwood Cafe. This year I'm happy to have contributed some movement to Candy Simmons' beautiful solo show Expiration Date. I'm super excited to be a Fringe audience member.

2. It is my birth month. On the 30th I will be 31! There are lots of people + events + discoveries that have rocked my year. I'm feeling very grateful-- especially to have realized how much joy I find in writing.

3. About that 30-day break thing: As suspected, taking a break and insisting I do fun things is not my strong suit-- I prefer the place where work and fun and life intermingle. I think to take a real 30 day vacation, I'd have to be transported to an island, without a computer. The good thing about taking some days off for myself was realizing that having a full schedule doesn't have to be a burden. Feeling burdened is partially a mindset.

4. I was reminded of these words by Madeleine L'Engle, who is one of my favorite authors: 
"The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been." 
I've been thinking about this as I get closer to my birthday. Is there an age you really enjoyed yourself at? I'm forever fond of 24. I made a lot of performance without worrying what people thought about it. I decorated my house in construction paper signs, and usually wore fake pearls and nylon skorts. I thought very little about the future. This year I wish to channel a little of that artistic and life abandon into age 31.

5. Ben and I recently watched this video that he made for Minnesota Playlist, back when he was a video blogger for the Fringe in 2009. It's downright ridiculous, complete with a rap and a belly dance. It's not shot on a nice camera, and includes a lot of shots he somehow took of himself, without any fancy focus-pulling. But I love it-- especially for its irreverence. It goes along with a wish I have for Ben, myself, and everyone else: CREATE MORE SH*T JUST BECAUSE IT BRINGS YOU JOY. Spend less time being careful-- just act.

Happy August!


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