Mega Thanks

August 30, 2013

Today I'm 31. I am feeling intensely grateful for this life, complete with exciting big stuff, massive question marks, hard stuff, and ordinary everyday stuff (my favorite).

In addition to feeling grateful for this life thing, I'm feeling grateful for PEOPLE. I have been so inspired, humbled, and supported this year. Thanks to the people who answered my questions over coffee, performed in my living room (there's another Small Art happening September 5!), contributed material to this blog, let me know I'm not the only jealous one, and just generally lit a fire under my a*s. I've been so moved by your ideas and momentum and heart.

That said, here's a list of 31 people (or groups of people), who have particularly shaped how I think about creating, or what I create. Want to know how exactly? Let's talk.
Some big famous people that I'm really grateful for:
Miranda July and the Learning To Love You More project.
Pina Bausch
Andy Warhol
Stephen Sondheim
Matthew Bourne
Twyla Tharp
Mark Morris
Chuck Mee
Brené Brown
Cynthia Hopkins
Lisa Congdon
Madeleine L'Engle
Cheryl Strayed

Some people who make cool + inspiring local things happen:
Charles Youel, founder of ARTCRANK
Kate O'Reilly of Clever Kate
The folks at Springboard for the Arts
Alan Berks and Leah Cooper, co-founders of Minnesota Playlist
Laurie Van Wieren , founder of 9 x 22 Dance Laboratory
Susan Campion and M.anifest, co-founders of Giant Steps
Levi Weinhagen, who makes the podcast Pratfalls of Parenting
Red Eye Theater, and their Works In Progress program
The folks at Open Eye Figure Theatre

Some people who created cool things elsewhere:
Danielle Krysa who made The Jealous Curator
Meg Keene, publisher of A Practical Wedding
Tara Street and Kathleen Shannon, owners of Braid Creative
Kingsley Irons who made Dances Made To Order.
Andrea Scher, creator of MondoBeyondo

Also: the artists that I used as examples in this article. And Steve Busa, Deborah Jinza Thayer, John Munger, and Maggie Smith (not the dame), who have all been extra amazing mentor people to me.

Is that 31? Close enough. Onto the new stuff!


  1. Hey, happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it on the actual day.

    I've left your blog open in tab in my browser for the past week and I've ben browsing through it when I have a few minutes. Nice work, lady.

    1. Thank you, thank you! I appreciate your encouragement (and your own kickass writing).



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