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August 28, 2013

Sometimes I forget that when I hit "publish" on this blog, real live people that I know can read it!
And sometimes I remember this all-too-well, and it becomes hugely paralyzing-- my inner perfectionist critiques everything I start, and finishing anything becomes impossible. I try to write in this space regularly, because occasional posting is most challenging for me: I over-think in a big way. So I write in this space because it somehow helps all of my other kinds of output, whether it be another project, or a new business offering; action encourages action (I've always found this to be true).

I'm often asked about blogging by people who want to write a blog themselves. They ask about hosting, and design, and choosing specific content. Yes-- these things might become eventually important (and they are exactly what I help people with in consulting sessions), but the important thing is to stop thinking and act.

Just Write Something. Right Now. 

If you're a smart and savvy creative person, like I know you are, you've got all kinds of opinions and tastes. Probably reading your own writing makes you cringe a little, unless you've had lots of practice. True story: I find posting in this space equal parts satisfying AND painful. I spend a lot of time worrying about how the posts are organized, and whether the content is helpful. I analyze layout, and cringe at my blog title. But damn it, I plan on continuing to write. 

I keep blogging because....
  • it helps me talk about the artistic work I make, and my goals for the business I'm building.
  • it helps me get clear about what I am and what I'm not.
  • it makes me a better writer.
  • it helps me curate my life. and i don't mean 'curate' in a bad or fake way-- I mean that it helps me stay focused on what brings my joy, and what I hope to accomplish, and keeps from fixating on negative shit.
  • it forces me to break down the big life/creative things into little chunks. Life feels less overwhelming somehow.
  • it introduces me to kickass creative people who are building inspiring things. And reminds me that we're all just humans, facing a lot of the same struggles. 
Obviously these benefits aren't limited to blogging. And there are other ways to share your work and creative endeavors. I think the key is to find a way to share your creative doings consistently-- whether you love your email newsletter, or Instagram, or pinterest, or sending people postcards in the mail. By talking about what we're creating and doing, we get better at it, and clearer + more focused in our actions. I'm insist that writing in this space helped me clarify my artistic intentions, and write a much more effective MRAC grant. It was also more fun to write, because I didn't cry from the effort. So- there's that.

The point is: find a way to share what you make. Find a way that maybe even brings you joy (!) or helps you go about solving some other creative dilemma you're working on (For instance: I started writing in this space because I was feeling really alone as a creative). Do it today, without over-considering how your bio reads, or what you're instagraming. AND, let me know what you did so that I can check it out. 


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