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September 23, 2013

Happy Monday!

I like this fall thing-- it's really energizing. After a summer at a pretty relaxed tempo, I'm thrilled to be throwing myself into working and making. The list is long, but more exciting than stressful. I keep reminding myself that this is what I love to do: THIS. Why fret over the good stuff?

I had hoped to get up a longer post that I've been working on, but some days I'm a slow writer (and continual editor). When the days are full of activity, I have to remind myself of two things:

#1) All you have to do is show up and do the work. You don't have to do it all today-- you're just one person, and that's not possible. But even 20 minutes of time put into a project, day after day, pays off.

This weekend I was part of the decorating committee for a dear friend's wedding, and the space (seen above) for the reception was massive, and needed to be filled with dozens of strings of lights. It looked like a really daunting task at first. Bit by bit it came together. I'm certain this is true for lots of things.

#2) There's never a better time to move your body than when you're schedule is booked. It's when I'm busy that I try to convince myself that I don't have time to exercise. In reality, I've never needed it more: it makes me feel so much calmer.

Have a great week.


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