Lately: the late summer edition

September 13, 2013

Greetings humans! July, August, and now half of September whipped quickly by. Where did it go? I sweat a lot, enjoyed the occasional quality cocktail on my back porch, and tried my best to show up fully to this life adventure known as adulthood. Here are bits of summertime news:

  • My little garden was successful at growing basil, oregano, and sage, but failed at lettuce. I am going to harvest the rest of the basil and try my hand at pesto tomorrow. I've been told the secret is to sauté the garlic before adding it to the blender with the basil, nuts, olive oil, and parmesan. Do you have any advice to guide my kitchen experiment?
  • Ben and I are both a year older. On my birth night, we bowled and closed down karaoke at a bar, and then rode our bikes around. I dare you to be in a bad mood while riding your bike around on a summer night. IMPOSSIBLE, I say.
  • On the work front, I made a scintillating play for 6-year-olds about Lego Star Wars, and spent a lot of teaching time arguing about various plot details (i.e- is it possible to trick Darth Vader before he senses it?) with my students. On a very different note, Ben and I finished up a video project with rural dance artist Alison Anderson Holland, which documented a community conversation in Mora, Minnesota about the future of an abandoned lot. I loved watching Alison make this project happen, and I'm excited to share more about it in the next week or two.
  • I took a placemaking workshop through Irrigate Arts. This was exciting because I met a whole group of artists that I didn't even know existed. It was also exciting because we went on an observation walk around parts of lowertown (in downtown St. Paul), and was reminded that there are whole chunks of my city (and even my neighborhood) that I still haven't explored-- even after a year of living here. There are two more opportunities to take this workshop-- in September and November-- which makes you eligible for Irrigate funding.

  • The third Small Art happened, with Kristen Graves, Charles Campbell, Lucas Koski, and Samantha Johns performing. I was inspired and a little blown away by their respective bravery. And as always, I was thrilled that an audience (the biggest one yet!) showed up. You can read some nice words about it written by Susannah Schouweiler on the Knight Foundation blog

For Your Reading And Viewing Pleasure:
  • Ben co-produced a series of promotional videos with the Minnesota Opera, which give a synopsis of each of the operas they're making this season. I'm very fond of this 1-minute Macbeth video. You can watch the rest of the opera series over here.


Have a great weekend. I hope it's just what you need.


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