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September 4, 2013

I love live performance. I especially love the kind that feels like a party, where I'm forced to push my introverted ways and notice my fellow audience members. And I love the kind that feels like an exchange between performer and audience, when I'm required to do a little more than pay for a ticket and find a seat. Tomorrow we're hosting a third dose of Small Art, and I'm excited for the potential for magical performance experiments to happen. One performance is happening in our kitchen. For another, I have no idea what to expect. But the performers-- fabulous as they are-- are only half of the equation. I'm almost as excited to be with a mash up of good friends and perfect strangers, watching them introduce themselves to one another, and take in a show seated together on a couch.

It's possible for a great deal of life these days to take place on the internet. I'm not bad-mouthing that, because I'm awfully fond of the information exchange and connection that it affords. But the internet is no substitute for person-to-person In Real Life experiences, or the kind of unpredictable magic that happens when a bunch of bodies are sharing a space and experience together. I'm reminded of this writing by ARTCRANK founder Charles Youel about why ARTCRANK is an event, rather than a website that allows you to buy posters, which is aptly titled Guess You Had To Be There.

It's live, it's real, and it only happens once just like that-- no perfect repeats of bodies in seats, or even moments of performance. I'm grateful to get to watch the experiment.


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