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September 30, 2013

I announced a couple of months ago that I was the recipient of a Next Steps grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council. Holy awesome. I am a firm believer that getting a grant is part preparation and writing smarts, combined with an equal amount of luck. I am feeling really fortunate.

When I wrote the grant I had a pretty clear idea of what the project might look like. The operative word in that sentence is 'might'. So, I've been spending the past month or so envisioning the realistic end of this process.

This project is hugely inspired by the artists who have performed in my living room. The most sophisticated tech at these performances involves a boombox, and the lamps already in the space. Despite these bare bones elements, the experience of viewing this work-- and of sharing it with the other folks watching-- has been truly exciting. My last big piece involved 3 video projectors and a 2 year process. This piece will be assembled in 3 months, will be entirely portable, and will be performed with very minimal tech.

I'm making a series of dance vignettes around the theme of connection. There will be spoken text, and hopefully some live music, too. The vignettes will be performed in living rooms and gallery spaces throughout the Twin Cities in February and March. I'm thinking a lot about the isolation of winter. Let's come together. I want to make a performance that feels a little like a party.

I'm hoping to involve a guest artist at each performance. If you'd like to share your work, email me at LMholway[at]gmail[dot]com. I'm also documenting the entire process of making this work, which will be added over here. In December, I'll be crowdsourcing some of the text for the piece through a series of questions on the blog.

Are you a performer interested in auditioning for the piece, or a stage manager who'd like to share in the process? Go to for more information. I'm really excited to begin. I have no real idea of exactly how this will unfold, but I think that's probably ok.

[Photo by Megan Mayer]


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