Growth Opportunities: Giant Steps 2013

October 5, 2013

I moved to the Twin Cities in the fall of 2005 after 7 months of living and working as a nanny in Wales post-college. My time was split between waiting tables at a failing wine bar, taking all the dance class I could fit in my schedule, and teaching at the Arts Guild in Northfield. Soon I started making and showing my own choreography. Soon I also felt really tired-- working too many restaurant hours to get health insurance, writing grants and applications at night, committing to too many projects, and feeling a little jealous of my old college classmates who had immediately gone to the security of full-time, salaried positions. It felt really lonely at times.

Eventually I began to find a community of other freelance artists, and eventually I got into the swing of piecing things together. I've learned that it requires a certain amount of reaching out-- that I only have to be as solitary in my work as I choose. Attending Giant Steps last year was one of those reaching out moments. I learned lots of helpful information in workshops, and took detailed notes from panel sessions. I met gobs of smart people, and felt jealous (in a good way) reading bios. But the most valuable thing I took away from Giant Steps were tons of great big 'ME TOO!' moments-- realizations that I had a shared experience with other creative people, and I didn't have to try to have it all figured out on my own. Simultaneously I felt proud of how far I'd come, and anxious to ask my peers for their wise opinions, because I was sure our collective wisdom could figure it out. The Giant Steps folks make flexibility, open-mindedness, and connection their approach, and it feels like there's an endless amount of possibility from that place.

All to say: you should be there this year on October 25th. Their early registration rate goes until the 11th. Information is over on the Giants Steps website. I highly, highly recommend it.

You can read what I wrote about last year's event over here. This year I'm teaching a workshop about Talking About The Work You Make-- for artists and creative business owners equally. I hope to see you there!


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