Hello October!

October 1, 2013

It is the sunny, breezy 70 degrees in St. Paul, and I shrugged off plans for a productive morning and went on a long walk. I am grateful for this month!

--In September--
  • September was a good month for starting new things-- a class I'm teaching, and two performance projects I'm working on. I'm asking the universe to send some good collaborators my way. I do love that I have NO IDEA how this will all come together.
  • Last week I got to see the NYC-based company Nature Theater of Oklahoma's 3 1/2 hour-long show Life and Times: Episode 1. The entire piece was the word-for-word transcription of a voice mail in answer to the question "Tell me about your life." And it was sung. And there was a tambourine involved! I really have to hand it the company for keeping my attention, for making me feel HUGE joy, and for filling the night with my favorite kind of gestural dance vocabulary. Also: they work with restriction in really cool ways (such as holding themselves to performing the voice mail word-for-word). Rachel Jendrzejewski shares her reactions to the night on the walker blog over here
--I'm Thinking About--
  • Next week I'll be working with Blank Slate Theatre in a handful of schools in District 287, a special education district in the western suburbs. We're talking about hope and resilience through movement. I expect to learn a lot, as every classroom and school I'm working with has different needs. In preparation, I'm thinking a lot about how theater and movement cultivate resilience.
  • Giant Steps is coming October 25th! I'll be teaching a workshop at the event (*gulp*). I'll share more about this tomorrow, but if you live in Minnesota, you should go over and check out their website (and register).
  • I'm pumped to visit the haunted basement at The Soap Factory.
Happy October!


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