November 1, 2013

Happy Friday! It is November, and that's tricky to wrap my mind around. Tomorrow I have the daunting task of finishing up a 10 minute play I'm making with elementary school students-- a group of 17 kids that still hasn't been all together after five classes. We are supposedly mostly done with the play, but one of them asked me if we can put a scavenger hunt in it: "A short one." If you have an idea for a thirty second scavenger hunt, please let me know.

Here are a few things that caught my attention this week:
In other news, I'm fairly thrilled to announce that my project, Small Dances, will be performed by Charles Campbell, Lazer Goese, Erika Hansen, Tom Lloyd, and April Sellers. Zoe Michael will be stage managing/assisting in all things. I'm humbled to be working in this group's talented company, and sure that they'll teach me a lot. A big part of the project- as I see it- is openly documenting it, every step of the way. I've been fully transparent about everything from performer pay, to auditions, and will continue to be open about the process as we continue. In December and January we'll be asking for your ideas and contributions! I couldn't ask for a nicer way to pass the winter months.


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