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November 18, 2013

Today I'm heading into the final week before the BLUEPRINT workshop-- the project I've been collaborating on with Candy Simmons, Ruth Weiner, and Zoe Michael. Collaborating is the shit, because you don't have to make decisions alone! (I especially love it when someone talented and organized like Candy is heading up the process.)

We're slowly heading into winter-- some days I can feel it more strongly than others. My plan for thriving (different than 'surviving') this winter is a combination of time in the gym sauna, and creative projects. In fact, the whole point of Small Dances was to find a way of connecting humans together during the lonely winter. Are you looking for a way of finding some connection with other humans this winter, or even just a creative outlet?

1) You can answer the weekly question over on the Small Dances blog. 
We are collecting text that will be a part of our piece. I've just posted the first question. You can even answer anonymously!

2) I'd love to hear about something you've made, be it a theater company, a blog, a recipe, a book, a picture, a project, or something completely unartistic. (You can see an example of this kind of post over here.) Write about it in under 500 words. Tell us what was surprising, and what was hard. What pushed you to make what you made?

I'm also excited to be posting new mini-interviews next month-- just 5 questions answered by local creative folks that I admire. Do you know someone I should interview? Shoot me an email (LMholway[at]gmail[dot]com).

3) Come to the next Small Art-- Wednesday, January 22. 

Or maybe you have a different idea for thriving in the winter time. I'm going to start by fixing the zipper to my winter jacket. What are your ideas? 


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