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November 13, 2013

Hi. How are you? It is mid-November (!) and I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but purely by my own expectations. Do you know about your own expectations? Pretty much since middle school I have dealt with a bad case of perfectionism, which makes life seem extra daunting when my schedule is full, and there are lots of things to attempt being great at. I'm working hard to remember that it's enough to show up and do my best, and make a few mistakes along the way. When I expect perfect, I'm always disappointed and overwhelmed.

So I was starting to feel the overwhelm come on as I was driving in the car last week. And just then, Terry Gross' Fresh Air interview with Stephen Colbert came on the radio. Did you know that Stephen Sondheim cast Stephen Colbert in the 2011 production of Company, after Colbert sang him a Send In The Clowns spoof during one of this shows? I happen to love Stephen Sondheim, because there are few people who can articulate the icky hard awesome stuff of being a human like he can. And somehow listening to this interview got me out of my head, and helped me remember that this life experience is a real treat-- that it's good stuff.

I was lucky enough to read and watch some other pretty wonderful things last week, all coming from excited/passionate/nerdy people. Let me just say: I AM EXCITED ABOUT YOUR EXCITEMENT! The world is nicer because people are making and doing thing, and loving what they are doing. Heck. Yes:
  • My friend Megan Mayer made a dance show that I just love. It has one more performance on Saturday. It is full of nuance and gesture, gymnasts, cub scouts, astronauts, music from the Shangri-Las (awesome), Lawrence Welk-like nostalgia, and love pangs. 
  • I met Nancy Rosenbaum at a Small Art, and I'm such a fan of her persuit of traveling, people, and ideas. She's been in South America for the last few months, and I've been following her journey via Instagram (@NRKB). Nancy takes photos documenting the people she meets, and writes these great little mini-biographies to go with them. I just love them. 
  • Karen Sherman might be the most badass dancer I know. If you live in the Twin Cities and missed her latest performance, I'm sincerely sorry. If you enjoyed her show (or are bummed you missed it), you can kickstart her performance awesomeness
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Italy for a year? My friend Junita Bognanni is living in Rome while her writer husband is on a year-long fellowship. She has started a blog-- Cannoli Pepperoni-- detailing her experience. And it turns out that she is a really fabulous writer, and I'm grateful to live vicariously through her words. 
Happy Wednesday-- I'm off to rehearsal, and that. is. fun


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