Monday Motion: Get An Outside Perpective

November 4, 2013

My Giant Steps workshop was called Crafting Content: Sharing the Story of What You Make & Do.
What is content? I defined it as 

The images and words that tell your clients/audience who you are, where you’ve been, what you do/make, what you stand for, and how to hire you, buy you, or connect with you-- the bits of information that, together, tell your story.

I wrote a bit about this topic over here, and realized from the response that talking about what we make/do in a way that captures who we are is something that most creative entrepreneurs struggle with. The 30+ workshop participants I had seemed to agree: deciding what to share about ourselves (and how to share it) is a continual challenge. And it's not something to try to figure out on your own-- it truly necessitates an outside perspective, even if that person is your best friend (or a buddy you swap business building help with).

A large part of our workshop time was spent in small groups so that everyone could get this outside help. I gave participants a list of questions. The goal? 

To uncover some of the details, experiences, training, strengths, successes (and failures) that shape who they are and what they do-- their Suitcase Contents

I wanted to share some of the these content-uncovering questions in this space. Some of them are really easy to answer. Others take more thought, and can lead to feeling uncertain and stuck, which is why that outside person can be really helpful.

What the heck do you do with all of this gathered information? 

1) Use some of the specifics in your website copy, your social media, a grant proposal, or a conversation about your creative endeavor.

2) Use it to get clearer about what you do, and what you don't do-- your defined expertise.

3) Use it to get more specific about who your audience is and isn't.

4) Use it to create some long-term goals that are in-line with your endeavor.

In a nutshell, find a buddy and get specific. Although we didn't have a lot of time, I loved hearing the energetic conversations around me, and I highly suspect that everyone felt better by sharing some of the thoughts & ideas buzzing through their heads.

I'd love to hear from you: What are your tips for taking about what you make & do? 

Thanks to Diana from 5 By 5 Design for sharing bits from my workshop on the 5 by 5 blog!

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