take a bath, eat an orange

November 6, 2013

The Rumpus writes great horoscopes-- something I don't subscribe to or regularly check, but still enjoy when I stumble on them. This one felt like a timely stumbling. I'm giving my best energy to a couple big rehearsal projects, and to do good work, I have to SLOW DOWN. Creative time is not something that can be smashed between checking twitter, and organizing my accounting. It requires spaciousness, depth, and time for my mind to wonder. It requires living in small moments, and that's a huge challenge for me, or at least a muscle I have to remember how to exercise each and every time I've stepped away. 

Virgo: This week is a week to live in very small moments, it’s a week for living in the smallest units of feeling you can find, in smells or tastes or moments of warmth on your skin. Try to let your plans rest, for a little, try to stop looking out for the future, try to slow your insides down, for now. Take a bath, eat an orange, listen to a sad song played on the piano, listen to your best friend’s voice. Let your smallest moments sing you to sleep, let them carry you home, let them make your world livable.


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