And they called it Winter

December 9, 2013

It's only December 9, so I don't want to use up my winter enthusiasm prematurely. That said: we are in the midst of our first big chunk of sub-zero, snowy, icy days here in Minnesota, and I'm loving it. We had our first snow emergency of the year-- when those of us without the fortune of off-street parking quickly study up on our neighborhood night plow routes, so that we avoid getting ticketed or towed. I woke up early to move my car, only to discover that both of my car locks were frozen. Two extension cords and a hairdryer later, and I reentered my home VICTORIOUS, as only a Minnesotan can understand. I have a hairdryer, long johns, a tiny snow shovel for my car, and a soup pot--- and I am basically unstoppable!

The thing about winter in Minnesota is that we're all in it together. I love seeing neighbors while shoveling, and the mutual respect that bubbles over-- a friendly person yielding as I slide through a red light, for instance, or open admiration for one another's layering skills. We all have the same mildly oppressive element in our lives. Winter becomes a metaphor for something much bigger, perhaps. It provides instant conversation material, and fuels dozens of tweets and bitchy facebook posts. We are going to make it through these 5 months, people!

Anyway, I look to it as a good excuse to dig into projects and work. We're quickly filling up February 10-March 9 with Small Dances performances. If you live in the Twin Cities and want some living room entertainment for your buddies, go over to our website to check out the details.


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