Happy holidays: have a solo dance party, take a nap

December 21, 2013

HAPPY SOLSTICE! Some holiday-centered thoughts:

1) I am not feeling particularly festive this year, even with our 3-foot janky Christmas tree decorated in the sunroom with care. It might be that I'm feeling under-the-weather, or the copious amount of appointments with people like mortgage brokers, squirrel trappers, and dentists, or the deadlines I've found myself behind on. Example of lack of festivity: my dear buddy came over for our First Annual Holiday Sleepover Extravaganza, for which we had planned cookie baking, ornament making, and holiday movie watching. What really happened? Frozen pizza, and episodes of Sex In The City. Why? Because we're tired from 2013. My point is: this is ok. Have a solo dance party, take a nap. If you need to skip the holidays all-together, it's probably ok (maybe more challenging if you have small children or family with fancy festivities- sure). You can celebrate in your heart, while wearing flannel pants on your very own couch. Now, I really love the whole New Years/Solstice thing-- at least on a metaphorical, new start/dark returns to light level. But why not start by playing it low-key, with bubbles right out of the bottle? No need for Pinterest-worthy holiday parties. Call me if you need a slow clap for your lack of cute appetizers. 

2) If I was feeling a little more festive/energized, I would go about the holidays like my friends Ashley and Stephen. I'm convinced that they have the most fun holiday celebrations-- and on a budget. They do a great job of avoiding any obligations, staying in pajamas, and eating/drinking all of the good things-- which they stockpile for the holidays in a large basket. They are also amazing at creative gift giving, and keeping secrets. The year I lived with them, they unintentionally gave one another Morrissey biographies. 

3) At the very least you should watch the staff at NPR headquarters shake their hips in Love Actually fashion. Maybe your low-energy holiday should also include a grapefruit and bourbon cocktail, or some karaoke. The nice thing about karaoke is that you don't even have to leave the house-- you can download tracks on itunes, and sing in the privacy of your living room!

4) Do you need some end-of-year reflection? I'm always a fan of Molly and Betsy's 3 words tradition. This year I refuse to analyze or reflect-- I'm saving that for the book that could be written about my 2013. I have been my saddest and my happiest in this year, no hyperbole in that. It is a year that I feel very lucky and grateful for. If you are a person who analyzes the year in a "ACCOMPLISHMENTS" and "BUMMERS" kind of categorical way, I encourage you to think bigger. Sometimes the best and most necessary parts of your year can be those weeks where you ugly cried in your sunroom for hours a day. Showing up to life, especially when its hard, it very worthy of a high-five. 

5) Ben and I had our first official date-- 2 years of friendship in-- on Christmas day, 2007. I'm glad that Emma photographed this cheesy moment back in September, because we are cheesy people. High-five for partnership. Ben has shown up to life + kicked the self-help section of the bookstore down. What does that mean? I don't know exactly, but it's good.

Very happy holidays to you.


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