Lately: November edition

December 4, 2013

In November I saw a lot of performance-- probably the most I've viewed in months. My favorite show of the year is always Choreographer's Evening, which takes place annually on Thanksgiving weekend. It's a huge celebration for the Twin Cities dance community. There are around 10 acts, curated each year by a different dance artist. This year's, curated by duo Chris Yon and Taryn Griggs, was assembled to feel like a mixed tape. It was a great mixed tape, each act showing a very different picture of the possibilities of kinesthetic language. I watched works featuring some of my very favorite dancers and choreographers, and basically felt lucky to be a part of such a great artistic community.

I am not a dancer dancer. When I went to college, my dance background was basically limited to musical theater jazz hands (and jazz squares), competitive Irish dance, and the occasional beginning modern class. I went to school to study music, fell for theater, and transitioned to theater directing when I realized I was a shoddy performer. But when I went to direct plays, I realized I was sick of words. It seems that it's too easy to make words linear and straightforward, and life is anything but linear and straightforward. The kind of dances I like embrace the grey area. They make their own rules, they create their own reality. They bring to life the moments of our experiences that can't be articulated, but are somehow written in our guts. My life has been littered with those kinds of moments, and yours probably has been too. What to do with them? Take a look, embrace their strangeness, make something.

All of this to say, I'm having a really terrific time with my new project, and I look forward to sharing more about it. October and November were full of time sensitive projects, and went bam-bam-bam, so I almost forgot that I quit my part-time job. I have no idea what my self-employment routine looks like, which is probably a goal of mine for December. Other goals include making lots of soup, seeing dear buddies, and enjoying my dance making-- you know, savoring....relishing. These opportunities are lucky ones.

[Photo of Charles Campbell, Tom Lloyd, Erika Hansen, and Lazer Goese-- taken in rehearsal by Ben McGinley]


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