5 With: Karen Kopacz

January 16, 2014

photo by Karen Kopacz
I love the possibility of intersection-- the intersection of multiple skill sets, art forms, ideas, groups of people, and the intersection of creative thinking and entrepreneurship. Karen Kopacz embodies this idea of intersection for me, in that her work encompasses many skill sets, and uses various combinations of these to build bigger ideas and collaborations. I love Karen's reminder that making things happen comes down to jumping in, and setting deadlines. Great, wise words.

Karen Kopacz | Brand Strategist, Designer, Developer, Creative Thinker

What do you make or do?  
I help creative, forward-thinking people clarify who they are and connect with the world. My business, Design for the Arts, helps business owners and artists articulate what they want to achieve, and implements creative initiatives that reflect their goals. I ask questions, design, make logos and websites, write headlines and biographies, take photographs and do whatever is needed to creatively engage clients and their audience. I also make music and visual art, and ideate on random acts of creative entrepreneurship when I’m not working, but I think I’m happiest collaborating. 

What's hard about it?  
I dream too big and nothing happens. If I jump in and let the project be what it needs to be, anything can happen.

What's been helpful
Find the right combination of think and do, and don’t forget to have fun.

There is an art to creating structure in the creative process, and it’s pretty simple. My number one tool for making anything happen is “The Calendar.” It helps me create forward motion, make connections and balance my life. If you want to accomplish anything, put it on the calendar, and then do it. Repeat as needed.

How do you make it happen?
I keep on truckin’. Always. I constantly refine how I do business. My skills change and grow to accommodate the needs of my community within the realm of my objectives. I'm constantly searching for crossover between the two. 

What's one of your dream projects
For the last year I’ve been working on a project called Public Field Guide.  Through my own personal experience of making change in my life, I became interested in telling stories about people who are transforming their lives or communities and rethinking how they live and work. A soft launch this February will feature a series of mini-stories and photographs of everyday people who are pursing a calling, engaging community, contributing to new ideas or transforming how they live. This project also reconnected me with my long lost love, photography. It’s my double rainbow.

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