February 19, 2014

Small Art has a new home! We do too. Ben and I will officially move across the river to Minneapolis this weekend. Do you know what's dreamy and strange and wonderful and hard for impatient people? Why, that would be home-buying! We put an offer on this little old house on December 16, and then did a lot of waiting. I wanted to close after my project opened, and we did the next day.

I really like it. That's a huge understatement-- I'm so fond of the windows and light, the amazing use of 915 square feet, the big kitchen, and the little strip of exposed brick. I keep hearing little orphan Annie in my head: I think I'm gonna like it here!

In other news, my little show opened last week, and I love it a lot. We've had such generous hosts, warm audiences, and great parties. People have made soup for these shows! It's very much feeling like Spring in my heart. 

If all of this weren't enough excitement, I'm starting a new adventure on Monday. An adventure that starts at 9am on Monday morning with business casual wear. Plots and plans will be revealed! 


  1. Yay! Congrats on the new home. can wait to see the plots and plans :)



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