More Ways To Pass The Winter

February 8, 2014

February: made possible by coffee & whipped cream
We're at February 8. I won't do the math again, but I think we're doing pretty well with this Winter thing. Here are some ways to make the time fly by:
  • My friend Levi Weinhagen (soon my new neighbor!) has a project for the new year called Friend a Day. As in, he's writing nice, astute, appreciative things about a different human every single day. Believe it or not, my love of this project goes beyond being the subject of one of these kind posts. I think of it like this: 365 people different people will wake up in the morning and get the surprise of reading lovely things written about their awesome but very ordinary selves. That's my kind of art project. Levi is a fantastic observer of people and their details, and a most stellar person and artist. You should go find him on twitter, where he writes helpful and witty things.
  • Molly Wisenberg's writing is a huge comfort to me. She gave a talk about blogging recently, and you can read it over here. I don't think her words are specific to blogging-- fill in song writing, choreography, or film making in the blank. She writes about the importance of showing up, and how creative work changes over time. I have been thinking about blogging in particular, though. This blog has opened up huge opportunities for me lately. It's not because it has a big readership (it doesn't). It's because writing regularly in this space over the past 2 1/2 years has helped me figure out what I love-- what I want to advocate for, build, and make space for. That's pretty huge. I'm grateful for this clarity (which has taken plenty of time).
  • If all else fails, do your taxes. Minnesota Playlist has been posting tax advice for creatives, and we could all probably use some of that.
Happy weekend!


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