Hello April!

March 31, 2014

Good morning! I am eating breakfast with the nervous trepidation that only a person who endured a co-spousal weekend stomach flu can understand. What a way to end March! Enough said of that.

It stuck me, while doing my good old taxes, that we are at the end of the first quarter of the year! Financial quarters aside, this means that we are 1/4 way through 2014. Did you make New Years resolutions? Is the year moving along in a hunky dory fashion for you? I didn't make resolutions, but I did choose a yearly word: thrive. How that's going is very subjective: really great in some ways, lots of "room for growth" (so diplomatic) in others. I will say: That woman Susan who writes Astrology Zone is crazily accurate! 

Anyway, today is March 31, and I can't remember March. That can't be a good sign... My goal for April is to be able to remember April! March was pretty much unpacking, adjusting, and doing our taxes. Not particularly exciting stuff to remember?

Here are some loose April hopes:
  • To be outside a lot.
  • To write in this space more often & bring back the 5-with series.
  • To practice yoga regularly, even if that means 10 minute daily chunks.
  • To cook something from this book
  • To plant something.
  • To figure out how to create a little daily quiet (maybe part of the yoga thing).
  • To see more people I love regularly.
Very reasonable hopes, yes?

On the art-front this month, we're thrilled to be hosting a performance by these awesome people at our new place.

On the business front, my Story Mapping exercises will be printed in a nice little booklet in a couple of weeks (and available for purchase!).

On the work front, the updated Open Field website launches tomorrow!

March really is the hardest month in Minnesota. If you can manage that (especially without a vacation to a tropical climate), it's all up from there. Welcome April!


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