Lately: Transitions

March 13, 2014

Winter is passing! Every day I see a little more of the Walker field peeking through the snow. My life has shifted all around in these past few months, and I'm very much still adjusting. For starters: I live in Minneapolis now (like, 10 miles from St. Paul!), in an old house with sounds that are slowly becoming familiar. I have a garage! It feels very novel to me. Also:
  • Small Dances closed on Sunday after 10 awesome performances! I'm grateful for generous hosts, enthusiastic audiences, and especially for a supportive spouse (also my sound editor, show videographer, and fill-in stage manager). I'm proud, too. I made a piece I really like, and kept the anxiety at a low (for me) level. I finished the process without swearing off future projects (although I'm looking forward to a break).
  • We've been painting, and reveling in domesticity. The seller had painted most of the house a beige/yellow blend, with some thrilling accents of lime green and purple. Top that kind of ugly! It turns out that I really like selecting paint colors-- it gets easier with practice. Choosing paint colors for a tiny house is a whole different (domestic, first world) battle, and one deserving of an entire post. We got tired of painting about 2/3 of the way through the job, and hopefully we'll finish this year...
  • I'm behind on most things. Isn't everyone during a transition? Accepting this as my current (temporary) reality is the first step towards enjoying my life, as it is, right now. Obviously I would rather write this post than throw myself into our taxes. Have you done your taxes?
  • I bought Creative Block! The Jealous Curator's new book is worth buying for the gorgeous artwork alone. There are interviews from 50 artists, as well as an idea from each on working through creative blocks. Most (all?) of the contributors are visual artists, so I'm curious about finding ways to apply their exercises to the performing arts. 
  • I wrote something for the Minnesota Do-Gooders about marketing & story sharing for non-profits. 
  • I'm searching for routine. My job is full of routine (9-5 for the first time in my life!), but the other things are still falling into place: weekends, mornings, Ben time, meal planning, old work projects I'm finishing up. All of these changes are still new, so I'm trying to embrace the messiness of change. I mean, when I started this job I didn't even know where my shampoo was packed. Now I have clean laundry! This transition will only get easier. Next week I'm going to make it to yoga!


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