Reluctant Spring Reading

March 19, 2014

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! When I think of March, I keep remembering March of 2012 when we had patio weather by St. Patrick's Day. This is not that March. The good thing about cold/grey/snowy weather is that I can work a lot and not feel like I'm missing something great outside. Get all of your projects done in March and April, and then GO OUTSIDE!

Speaking of projects, I read two bits of especially good stuff on the internet and wanted to share:

#1-- Gemma Irish wrote a great piece for Minnesota Playlist about applying lessons from her day job to her writing career. She shares about how to Do.The.Work (spoiler alert: you Do.The.Work-- but lists and strategy help).

#2-- On the Braid Creative blog, Kathleen shares her tips for deciding when to take on a project or client. This was something I recently discussed with a friend. My friend has a rule that a project or work gig must satisfy two out of three of these three P's:
--People: Provide her with collaboration she's really excited about.
--Pay: Compensate her really well.
--Project: Involve a project that she has a lot of enthusiasm for, or would learn a lot from.
How do you choose what projects to take on, and what to turn down? When I was younger, I made a point of saying yes to everything. I also had fewer life expenses at that point, and lots more energy. Now I try to avoid the projects that give me a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach-- unless they are really short-term, and pay really well.

Also: I'm quickly working my way through the Jealous Curator's book, and it's fantastic. Sometimes it's a huge relief reading about other people's self-doubt and challenges. Guess what? Most people have them!

[Note: Yes! This blog has changed formats & is shifting around a bit. It will slowly get sorted out, and then the columns and photos will the same length, and you'll be able to find things more easily. Thanks for your patience.]


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