Embrace the Abyss

April 17, 2014

lettering by Lisa Congdon
I know-- I'm a broken record of love for Lisa Congdon. I'm inspired by her art, her story of a later-in-life career, and her honesty when it comes to grappling with demons. Lisa recently spoke at the TYPO International Design Conference, and it's worth a couple of listens.

Also, the above Cheryl Strayed quote is worth a tattoo or two (and I shamelessly named a dance after it). The hardest times in life are those that trigger a fight or flight response-- the ones I want to forget ever happened. They are also the instances that have defined who I am, steered me towards my future self, and taught me empathy and self-love. Claiming the joyful and the difficult is a true opportunity to nurture ourselves; it's ours for the taking.


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