5 With: Matthew Glover

June 11, 2014

Matthew Glover, photo by Richard Fleischman

Matthew is an ensemble member and the marketing director for the collaboratively driven Sandbox Theatre, and one of the great people I've met (at least in part) via twitter. I find his words to be a balm of reassurance-- I so identify with it all. And especially this: "Having the freedom to fail is the solution to most of my challenges." Hell yes, people-- so necessary, so hard to remember. Thanks, Matthew!

Describe your current creative work and what drives it or inspires you: 
I'm currently in the editing stages on two short films, creating copy and design for the promotion of three stage productions, and in the dream/research stages for two more plays. I've been making theater and films steadily for 15 years, but didn't get into marketing them until 2009. It was a whim, really. I'd just finished performing with Sandbox Theatre on a Fringe play, then got brought on as their marketer based almost solely on enthusiasm. I've been with the company now for 4+ years as theater-maker, marketer and head cheerleader. All of this is driven by the desire to be part of something wonderful.

What are your biggest creative challenges?
The biggest is my own ability. Everything I've done in the design realm, be it web or print, is self-taught, which can mean working 2-3 times longer than if I knew what I was doing. I'm getting better, mostly through persistence and a crap-ton of failure. Having the freedom to fail is the solution to most of my challenges. Secondly, I get tired of the hustle. Making things is that: a hustle. Nobody is obliged to give a crap whether you do what you do or not, and busting ass to get people to care can wear you down. It's a full-time job trying to promote your passion, so add a day job and a social life to that and burnout is nigh. I'm getting better at that, too, though-- saying no, focusing inward, all that. But I'm not very zen; I need the noise. That's all pretty contradictory, isn't it? We'll add that to the list: Internal Contradictions.

How do you make it all happen?
Love, hope, inspiration, the belief that art is vital-- that the act of creating, of making something is the heart of innovation and human progress. And I'm not really talking about my own stuff ... I mean, I get to play with others, I get to help them make their dreams, I get to be up close and personal with that. That's the juice. And massive piles of support. I have a cadre of gracious friends and family, a company that turns me on with everything they do, and a girlfriend who's great at making things and loves the shit out of me.

Give some advice:
I had a teacher that used to just tell me, "Keep going." I find enormous possibilities in that. Make what is honest to you now. If your honesty changes, make what reflects that.

What's next (or could be next)? 
I have a dream to run a multi-use gallery space where artists of all disciplines collide and collaborate. Like true, interdependent collaboration: seed to fruit, from-the-ground-up type stuff. Installation, film, performance... I’d love to be part of facilitating that.



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